About Me

I’m Alex LeViness. I’m a 25 year old PhD student in plasma physics, and in my spare time, I read pretty much constantly, so I decided to make this blog in order to broadcast my book recommendations to the world.

A bit more about me: I grew up in a bunch of places, including Baton Rouge, Dallas, Tulsa, and Columbus, OH. I wanted to be a writer when I was younger, and actually wrote a (very bad) novel at the age of 13 before realizing that I enjoy the idea of being a writer much more than I enjoy writing. I ended up going into the hard sciences instead, but I’m still a bookworm at heart.

I currently live on the East Coast with my fiancé and our stupid cats, Grimble and Grue. Other than reading and doing physics, I enjoy weight-lifting, laying on the floor doing nothing, insulting my cat, and watching college football (Roll Tide ’til I die).

This blog is aimed much more at friends/acquaintances of mine who might be looking for a good book to read than it is at people who are officially involved with books, so I would not expect my reviews to be similar to professional book reviews. They will be very biased and personal and rambling.

As far as personal biases go, I am about as much of a leftist as you would expect from a university student who listens to a lot of folk punk and spends too much time on the internet. This is not a blog for Social Justice Discourse, but I read what I’m interested in, and currently, that seems to be feminism, climate change, and sometimes Norse mythology. If you’re not into that, you may not be into this blog.

Let’s build something together.

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